500+ Affordable Website Themes 2020

 Please find below some website demo links. These websites can be changed to add your own text and pictures, we will also add your contact details and links to social websites like facebook, twitter, youtube videos etc. If you are looking for a demo website to suit your needs please contact us on the link below.


1. Organic Shop

organic shop starter site

Organic Shop is a beautiful template that’s perfectly suited to a free-range food store, farmers market shops and a whole range of eCommerce stores. 

2. Pet Care

pet care astra starter site

Pet Care is the perfect Elementor template for your vet surgery or doggy daycare business. With a clean and clear design and 3 primary calls to action.

3. BBQ Restaurant 

bbq restaurant astra starter site

BBQ Restaurant while built for restaurants, cafés and eateries fit any type of website, by the time you replace the text and images you’re left with simple navigation, video background and to the point call to actions. 

4. Photographer

photographer astra starter site

Photographer is a nicely designed portfolio and freelancer style template, with a detailed about section, portfolio, and services offered. It can help you spin up a portfolio site in a matter of minutes using Elementor. 

5. LearnDash Academy 

learndash academy starter site

LearnDash is a free Elementor template to help kick start your online course platform. Built specifically to use with LearnDash, setting up your online course couldn’t be easier. 

6. Fitness Trainer

fitness trainer starter templates

Fitness Trainer is targeted towards personal trainers and gyms. With a bold headline and clear personal branding, this is the perfect Elementor template for those who are part of the Instagram influencer generation. 

7. Sierra Nature 

sierra nature astra starter site

Sierra Nature is a stunning Elementor template that looks fantastic across all devices, with its bold headline and clear call to action it’s the perfect template for a range of businesses. 

8. Simply Natural

simply natural astra starter site

Simply Natural connects your website back to nature, a nicely designed Elementor template for florists or garden centers. 

9. Travel Agency 

travel agency astra starter site

Travel Agency is a colorful and striking Elementor template perfect for tour operators and travel agents. 

10. Outdoor Adventures

outdoor adventures starter templates

Outdoor Adventures is an Elementor template that speaks to the outdoors and nature side of things, whether you’re an adventure blogger or just love the outdoors, it’s a great way to build your site quickly. 

11. Custom Printing 

custom printing astra starter site

The perfect Elementor template for your WooCommerce clothing store, with nice user experience and a clean and clear design. 

12. Shoe Store

shoe store astra starter site

Shoe Store is a striking eCommerce template for Elementor, with a bold hero product placement and clean navigation, it’s sure to drive your store’s conversions. 

13. Towing Services

towing services astra starter site

Towing Services is an Elementor template that’s aimed at breakdown and recovery services, along with within the automotive industry as a whole. 

14. Deeplight Restaurant 

deeplight restaurant starter templates

Deeplight Restaurant is the perfect template for your independent gourmet restaurant, or your multi-national chain, whatever type this clean Elementor template is sure to spruce up your website.

15. Pet Services

pet services starter templates

Pet Services is the perfect Elementor template for your doggy daycare, dog kennels, or any other type of pet business. 

16. Custom Printing Pro

custom printing pro astra starter site

Custom Printing Pro is an Elementor template that’s aimed towards WooCommerce stores that offer customized products, with a clean, and bright design. 

17. Law Firm 

law firm astra starter site

Law Firm is an Elementor template that’s aimed towards professional websites in this case Lawyers. 

18. Nutritionist

nutritionist astra starter site

Nutritionist is aimed at wellness bloggers, personal trainers, the perfect Elementor template to get your health and fitness website started quickly and easily. 

19. Wedding Organizer

wedding organier starter templates

Wedding Organizer is a bold, well laid out Elementor template that brings that unique edge to personal websites. With good use of white space and colors. 

20. Church

church astra starter site

The Church template for Elementor is one of the quickest ways to get your church site website on WordPress up and running. With everything you need and strong, bold design. 

21. Cleaning Agency

cleaning agency astra starter site

Targeted towards individual cleaners and cleaning agencies, the Cleaning Agency Elementor template has everything you need, including testimonials and an “our customers section”. 

22. Dentist Clinic

dentist clinic astra starter site

If you have a client that runs a local dental clinic get their website up and running with this Elementor template specifically designed for dentists!

23. Pet Boarding 

pet boarding astra starter site

If you run a pet care service, this is the Elementor template for you! With transparent navigation, and a hero image area to feature your favorite furry friend. 

24. Yoga Instructor 

yoga instructor astra starter site

Yoga Instructor is a clean Elementor template that’s perfect whether you run a Yoga studio or teach individual lessons. 

25. Accountant 

accountant astra starter site

Accountant is a financial services Elementor template aimed at accountants and accountancy services. 

26. Yoga Studio

yoga studio astra starter site

Spend more time perfecting your favorite Yoga moves with this Elementor template, be set up in minutes and have a beautiful Yoga website fit for the very best Yogi. 

27. Health Coach

healthcoach astra starter site

Personal Trainer? Health food blogger? Or just want to help others get fitter? This is the Elementor template for you.

28. Disc Jockey

disc jockey astra starter site

Disc Jockey is the perfect Elementor template for DJs and Musicians with a full-screen video background to showcase your latest work. 

29. Massage Therapist 

massage therapist astra starter site

An Elementor template built for the masseuse, from individual massage therapists, or spas and resorts, this Elementor template has everything you need. 

30. Manufacturing 

manufacturing astra starter site

Manufacturing is a straightforward business based Elementor template for companies that want to show what they offer, but not sell products online. Think bespoke Kitchens. 

31. Swimming Pool Services

swimming pool services astra starter site

Whether you sell swimming pools, hot tubs or service pools, this is the perfect Elementor template for your business!

32. Home Remodelling

home remodelling astra starter site

A stunning Elementor template that’s perfect for interior designers and real estate developers. A transparent header and great use of spacing make this a template you have to check out. 

33. Construction

construction astra starter site

Built for real estate developers and land development companies, construction is an Elementor template that’ll give you your website the professional look needed for this sector. 

34. Life Coach

life coach astra starter site

Are you a guru? Love life and helping others find their purpose? Whether you’re already a successful life coach or just starting out, this is the Elementor template for you. 

35. Fly Movers

fly movers astra starter site

An Elementor template that’s been built for moving companies, with a clear call to actions and a range of useful sections, that’ll help you get your company website up and running in no time at all. 

37. Transport Services

transport services starter templates

While the theme of this Elementor template is transport companies, it can easily be adapted to any type of business. This particular Elementor template is a one-page design with great user flow. 

38. Personal Dietitian

personal dietitian astra starter site

Put together a killer diet plan? Found your own success and want to share your diet with others? Personal Dietitian is the perfect Elementor template to use for this. 

39. Florist

florist astra starter site

If you’re a small independent florist stall or run a string of shops, this Elementor template helps you get your floristry based website live as quickly as possible. 

40. Barber Shop

barber shop astra starter site

A bold, professional-looking Elementor template for your barbershop, quick to set up and comes with everything you need to present the most professional image to your clients. 

41. Italian Restaurant 

italian restaurant astra starter site

While this clean-cut Elementor template may be called “Italian Restaurant” it’s the perfect accompaniment to any restaurant based website.

42. Windows & Doors Services

astra windows and doors services starter site

Windows & Doors is a bright, clean Elementor template with a hero background image and a form placed above the fold positioned for the maximum number of leads possible. 

43. Cleaning Services 

cleaning services astra starter site

A crisp, clear, Elementor template for the cleaning professional with a large heading, transparent menu and hero background image.

44. Real Estate 

real estate astra starter site

Real Estate is an Elementor template that is built for Real Estate agents, with stunning property templates and contact forms, this template includes everything you need. 

45. Makeup Artist Studio

makeup artist studio astra starter site

This Elementor template is perfect for the independent makeup artist, with a clear about section and call to actions throughout. 

46. Fashion Lifestyle Blog

fashion lifestyle blog astra starter site

The perfect Elementor template for the fashionistas out there, with a clean modern design. 

47. Artist

artist astra starter site

The perfect Elementor Portfolio style template, built for artists to show off their skills. 

48. theAgency

theagency astra starter site

Built for Web Development and Web Design agencies, this Elementor template puts forward a professional image. Including both Portfolio and About sections there’s everything you need for your agency website. 

49. Freelance Artist

freelance artist astra sstarter site

This clean and modern Elementor template is perfect for a personal portfolio or about style website. 

50. Brandstore

brandstore astra starter site

Brandstore is the perfect Elementor template for your WooCommerce store, with featured products, clear call to actions and much more it has all the elements that you need. 

51. Charity 

charity astra starter site

Charity, as the name suggests, is an Elementor template specifically built with charities in mind, with an area to show active projects, and a nice, clean design. 

52. Conference Event 

conference event astra starter site

Without a doubt, and even though we designed it. 😀 This is one of our favorite Elementor templates full stop, not just for conferences. With space to showcase your speakers, and schedule. If you’re running an event, you need this template. 

53. Charity 02

charity 2 astra starter site

An Elementor template aimed towards charity with a call to action buttons focusing around donations and hero image backgrounds. 

54. Pearson College

personal coleg astra starter site

This Elementor template has been specifically designed with educational institutes in mind. With a professional design, and good use of white space and colors. 

55. Five Days Website

five days website astra starter site

Targeted towards SaaS-based and design agency based websites, this Elementor template has bold headings and strong use of coloring throughout. 

56. DJ Hobb

dj hobb astra starter site

Similar to the Disc Jockey template, this Elementor template is targeted towards DJs and Musicians, except this one includes a clear call to actions to download the DJs own tracks. 

57. Personal Fitness Trainer

personal fitness trainor astra starter site

If you’re a personal trainer, you need to take a look at this Elementor template. With everything you need to get your Personal Trainer website up and running in under an hour. 

58. Photography Portfolio

photography portfolio astra starter site

A bold Elementor Portfolio template for your photography business. With a services section where you can list what you do, along with a contact form to field inquiries. 

59. Freelancer

freelancer astra starter site

Freelancer is the perfect Elementor template to make a statement as a freelancer with a colorful header section and hero image, good use of white space and colors throughout. 

60. Spa

spa astra starter site

This Elementor template is a great fit for any spa or wellness business, with soothing colors and clear calls to action to book appointments. 

61. Motivational Speaker

motivational speaker astra starter site

Motivational speaker is a stunning Elementor template that’s perfect for life coaches and professional speakers. 

62. Product Landing Page

product langing page astra starter site

The perfect Elementor template for startups and product-based businesses with a clear call to actions, a section to show off your work and a dedicated area to explain product features.

63. Psychiatrist

psychiatrist astra starter site

An Elementor template built specifically for those in the Psychology profession. A crisp, clean professional looking template. 

64. eCourse

ecourse astra starter site

Run an online course? Or have you written a course that you’re looking to publish? Either way, eCourse is the perfect Elementor template for you.

65. Sierra Industry 02

industry 2 astra starter site

This Elementor template is the perfect fit for a wide range of industries with a professional image, clean design and easy to read typography. 

66. Winery

winery astra starter site

Whether you’re partial to red, or white, or perhaps you prefer a whiskey on the rocks. Or like Bond has a martini shaken and not stirred, Winery is the perfect template for your drinks business or blog.

67. Bold Style Setter

bold style setter astra starter site

Run a barbershop? A hairdresser or a salon of any kind? Then Bold Style Setter is the Elementor template for you! With light neutral colors and a range of large background images you’re sure to make a statement. 

68. Agency 02 

agency 2 astra starter site

This Elementor template is focused around development and design agencies with a focus on services provided and client testimonials, a gradient background image and transparent header finish off this modern design. 

69. Digital Agency

digital agency astra starter site

Built for modern and cutting edge digital agencies this Elementor template brings a clean-cut design aesthetic to make your agency stand out from the crowd. 

70. Author

author astra starter site

Whether you’re a first-time author or established novelist this purpose-built Elementor template is the perfect cover for your next book release. 

71. Architecture Firm 

architecture firm astra starter site

Despite the name, this creatively designed Elementor template can be used for a vast array of sectors, simply swap out the images and text, and et voila! You have an entirely new template ready to go. 

72. Wanderlust Travel Diary

wanderlust travel blog astra starter site

With stunning full-screen images and beautiful typography, Wanderlust is the perfect Elementor template to document your travel adventures. 

73. Ayurveda

ayurveda astra starter site

Focused on health and wellness, this Elementor template is designed with a warming, calming color palette and a strong focus on imagery.

74. Growth Marketer 

growth marketer astra starter site

Growth Marketer is a bright and bold template that aims to capture your visitors’ attention with a striking headline and clear call to action. 

75. Home Decor

home decor astra starter site

Home Decor is the perfect fit for self-employed decorators, interior designers and even stores that home decoration such as cushions, frames, and more!

76. Personal Blog

personal blog astra starter site

Personal blog is as the name implies an Elementor template for a personal blog, with the main introduction section for a self-portrait image and beautiful typography throughout. 

77. Coach 

coach astra starter site

Whether you’re a lifestyle coach, a career coach or any other type of coach, this Elementor template is specifically built for you!

78. Co-Working Space

coworking space astra starter site

Built for “building as a service” type businesses such as co-working spaces, this Elementor template is full of clear CTAs, easy to use navigation and stunning full-screen backgrounds. 

79. Garden Maintenance 

garden maintenance astra starter site

This is the perfect Elementor template for any gardening or landscaping business with multiple areas to show off your work and clear call to actions throughout.

80. Dental Clinic 02

dental clinic 2 astra starter site

Dental Clinic is as you guessed an Elementor template that’s specifically aimed at dentists and dental practices, with a subtle theme and relaxing palette. 

81. Electrician

elecctrician astra starter site

An Elementor template that’s built for the individual services industry, perfect for plumbers, electricians and a whole host of different careers. 

82. Financial Advisors 

financial advisors astra starter site

This Elementor template is set up for the service industry, specifically for financial advisors but it can be used to build a website for almost any service. 

83. Furniture Store

furniture store astra starter site

A clean and sophisticated template that is a prime fit for minimalist stores and modern cutting edge design and clothing companies. 

84. Hotel and BnB

hotel and bnb astra starter site

If you own a guesthouse or run a rental AirBnB business this Elementor template is the perfect fit for you, with stunning background image areas and crisp, clear typography. Your property will be shown at its best. 

85. Jewellery

Whether you’re an independent jewelry designer or own a store retailing diamonds, this Elementor template is the perfect match for your business.

86. Kindergarten 

kindergarten astra starter site

From nurseries to schools and every type of educational institute in-between, your site is sure to stand out with this stunning full-width template. 


87. Grand Galleria 

grand galleria astra starte site

From historians to travel agents, this Elementor template is a way to make culture stand out, with a stunning design and split homepage. You can’t go wrong. 

88. Lawyer 

Lawyer is a clean and clear template with good use of accent colors to separate call to actions and nice use of whitespace. Although built for the law industry, swap out the text and images to make it work for any industry. 

89. Life Guide

life guide astra starter site

Life Guide is the perfect template for life coaches and mentors, no matter what specific industry you’re in, this neutral template works perfectly.

90. MultiMed Clinic

multi me clinic astra starter site

Designed and developed for the medical industry, MultiMed is an ideal template for a medical practice, with a crisp and clear design that looks professional. 

91. A/C Technician 

electrician astra starter site

A split header area makes this Elementor template a great fit for a product company, with a product on the left and a clear call to the action on the right. 

92. Plant Shop

plant shop astra starter site

Plant shop is a WooCommerce ready Elementor template that has an easy to use navigation, and a clean, and clear design. 

93. Sweet Shop

sweet shop astra starter site

Sweet shop will make you crave some treats after looking at the stunning food in its imagery, it’s the perfect template for all types of food and bakery businesses!

94. Brandstore Pro

brandstore pro astra starter site

Brandstore Pro is a modern and clean template that would suit a modern clothing brand or clothing store aimed at an audience of 18-35. 

95. Wedding Invitation 

wedding astra starter site

Once you’ve found the perfect partner, spent some time together and decide on getting hitched, you’ll want to announce it to the world. This is the perfect Elementor template for that!

96. Wedding Planner

wedding planner astra starter site

Wedding Planner is for the event organizer in us all, the perfect Elementor template for planning the big day!

97. Interior Designer 

interior designer astra starter site

A bold theme with great use of images and attention-grabbing typography topped off with a clear call to action. 

98. Car Repair

car repair astra starter site

If you’re an automotive car repair shop or an automotive specialist of any type, this Elementor theme comes with a clean color palette and clear typography. 

99. Construction

construction astra starter site

Construction while targeted towards the construction industry actually fits almost any type of website. With full-width background images and a split header call to action, it’s easy to fit this Elementor template around any industry. 

100. Food and Drinks Blog

food and drinks blog astra starter site

Love food? Love drink? This is the Elementor template for you, with a beautiful full-screen header and a stunningly designed blog. 

101. eCourse Learn Photoshop 

ecourse learn photoshop astra starter site

This course template is ideal for individual course creators who have created a standalone course that they want to either sell or share freely with the wider world. 

102. Plumber 

plumber astra starter site

If you have a business that sells services on custom quotes, Plumber could be the Elementor template for you. With an area in the header to pitch the service and an area on the right for a customer to request a price. 

103. Gardening & Landscaping 

gardening and landscaping astra starter site

The perfect template for those who are green-thumbed and want to take their landscaping business to the next level with a clean and professional template. 

104. Hotel 

hotel astra sstarter site

Hotel is a boutique Elementor template for a boutique hotel, with crisp, clean visuals, a book now the area and contact form, it has everything you need for your next hotel website. 

105. Interior Design Firm 

interior design astra starter site

A dark background with subtle use of orange throughout brings this template to life, a call to action in the header finishes off this clean-cut modern template. 

106. University

university astra starter site

University is a great template for any educational institution. With a fresh and modern design, good use of white space and easy to navigate. 

107. Makeup Artist 02

makeup artist 2

Just like the other makeup template we featured here, this is perfectly suited to both individual makeup artists and larger make up studios. 

108. Cleaning Services 03

cleaning solutions astra starter site

Like the other cleaning templates we’ve featured, this cleaning template makes good use of white space, and clear call to actions so it’s suitable for any type of cleaning business, from individual to agency. 

109. Sports Lounge 

sports lounge astra starter site

This stunning Elementor template fits in perfectly with a range of industries. Designed for sports clubs with eye-catching full-screen backgrounds and clear typography. 

110. Car Wash

car wash astra starter site

Car wash is the way to give your site a polish with this new Elementor template. A modern design, with various sections, contact forms and call to actions. 

111. Restaurant 03 

restaurant 3 astra starter site

Just like the other restaurant templates we’ve featured in this article, this template comes with a background video slider to show off your foodie creations, a menu that can be edited with ease and clean professional design. 


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